The Andrew A. Isen Young Artist Gifts


In 2017, Signature and Andrew A. Isen partnered to present an annual competitive fellowship program for two Signature education program participants. Each season, two awards of $2,500 each are given—one Signature in the Schools student and one Overtures: Musical Theater Institute participant receive the gift at the conclusion of their program.

The goal of this partnership is to provide opportunities for young people who aspire to a career in theater, and the gift must be used to further their education.

The High School Award is given to the Signature in the Schools student who best meets the application criteria and is planning to attend college to study theater arts.

The College Award is given to the Overtures student in acknowledgement of their outstanding work as a performer and is to be used for expenses related to educational activities.

The selection process is as follows:

At the conclusion of each program, application essays are received and the recipient is chosen according to the following criteria:

Growth: Level of growth the student demonstrated throughout the program

Financial responsibility: Level of need based on expression from the participants

Work Ethic: Level of ability to take direction and practice professional work

Contribution: Level of personal work in the program and their school art programs (if applicable)

Future Planning: Level of ability to articulate the current state of their plans for career, academics, etc.

We are grateful to Andrew A. Isen for supporting Signature through The Andrew A. Isen Young Artist Gifts and for his multi-year commitment to our educational training programs.

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Signature in the Schools

2017/18: Devin Andy
2018/19: Jillian Neri
2019/20: Isabella Russo
2020/21: Valeria Flores Siles
2021/22: Lilla Woodard

Overtures: Musical Theater Institute

2017/18: Adelina Mitchell
2018/19: Holly Kelly
2019/20: Cancelled
2020/21: Caelyn Sommerville
2021/22: Julie Pesak
2022/23: Tziah McNair