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Signature Seminar: Musical Revolution in the Age of Aquarius

HAIR exploded onto the Broadway scene in 1968 to create a new genre – the rock musical. Relive the 1960s and go behind the scenes in this five-part series to experience the music, style and the counterculture that continues to inspire fifty years later. Meet director Matthew Gardiner and the creative team, see the designs, and watch the show come to life in an exciting in-depth exploration of the musical that defined a generation.

Seminar $275
Friends of Signature Price $235

Seminar Schedule

The Dawning: The World of HAIR
March 28, 7PM-8PM
In his review for the Wall Street Journal, John J. O’Connor wrote, “No matter the reaction to the content…I suspect the form will be important to the history of the American musical.” And it was! In this first session, join director Matthew Gardiner and his design team as they discuss the impact of HAIR and how they plan to present the musical in a way that is as challenging and innovative as the original 1967 off-Broadway production.

I Got Life: The Music
April 4, 7PM-8PM
Music Director Angie Benson and members of the cast talk about this musical’s legendary score, a score that gave the world songs like “Aquarius,” “Frank Mills” and “Let the Sunshine In.” Expect a private concert as members of the cast perform selections from the show.

Where Do I Go: Tech Rehearsal
April 11, 7PM-9PM
The actors have learned their lines, the carpenters have built the set, the electricians have focused the lights and the stitchers have sewn the costumes – take a peek as all the elements come together in a technical rehearsal.

Let the Sunshine In: Wandelprobe or Sitzprobe
April 13 (TBD, Daytime hours)
The cast meets the musicians for the first time to make some noise! Throughout the entire rehearsal process the actors and the musicians rehearse separately. After the technical elements are incorporated, the orchestra takes their place onstage and the musical comes to life.

How Dare They Try: Final Dress Rehearsal
April 14, 7:30PM
You’ve met the cast and team, you’ve observed rehearsal, you’ve heard the music. Now, join the company as their first audience at the “invited dress rehearsal.” See how the artistic process wraps up when the final element is added – you!

A Debrief
April 15, 5PM-6PM
Join members of Signature’s staff on Zoom to debrief on your experience. What have you learned? What are the questions you still have unanswered? What were your general impressions as you watched the dress rehearsal? Share your thoughts, questions and impressions as we end this year’s Signature Seminar together.

Session topics, dates and time are subject to change.