Signature in the Schools: The Spoken Word Educational Resources

Hello and welcome to Signature in the Schools’ The Spoken Word!

This world premiere production tackles the past and an imagined future, exploring freedoms of speech, expression and the press with what has happened in the past when those freedoms have been silenced. This new play, written by acclaimed theater artist Joe Calarco, also chillingly explores what could happen someday should those freedoms be eliminated.

Explore the world of The Spoken Word with your students. Each of the eight sections below provides articles, lesson plans, images, and more. This guide is intended for classroom use in high schools prior to and after attending The Spoken Word.

The exercises and articles were created by a team of educators and theatrical professionals. These exercises may be used in many capacities; they do not have to be used in order or in correlation with one another. The goals listed in the articles and exercises are derived from the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs).

Bridget Anderson and Matt Strote, dramaturgs