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Daphne's Dive

Specialty Nights

  • Discussion Nights February 15 & 23, 2022
  • Pride Night February 25, 2022

Daphne's Dive

February 1 – March 20, 2022


Colorful characters create a makeshift ménage at the neighborhood watering hole in a vivid and vibrant play by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of Water by the Spoonful and In the Heights.

Run by the warm and enterprising Daphne, a north Philadelphia bar becomes home for a disparate band of society’s outsiders; among them an offbeat artist, eccentric activist, ambitious businessman, retired biker, abandoned teenager and Daphne’s vivacious sister. Over the course of nearly twenty years, they drink, dance, rejoice, and grieve together in a captivating weave of interconnection.

Both poignant and joyful, this tribute to found family serves hospitality with a twist of heart in every pour.

“There’s an unassailable heart to Hudes’ work – a fierce compassion for the people she creates and an equally ardent love for the ethnically and culturally diverse city that raised her.”

Single tickets will go on sale late September.