Blog: Honoring Indigenous Peoples' Day

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Please note: This post is not meant to be a formal land acknowledgement; rather, a first step in the meaningful work of honoring the numerous Indigenous tribes ​whose lands Signature Theatre now occupies. We have reached out to local members of the Piscataway Conoy Tribe and other local tribes to ensure that we acknowledge them in a respectful manner and will update this post with any additional information or context that we receive. ​

Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a day in which we honor​, celebrate and commemorate Native American history and culture. Signature’s building in Arlington, VA is located in the Chesapeake Bay region, an area that has been home to many different Indigenous tribes over the past several centuries, including the Piscataway, Pamunkey, Nanticoke, Anacostan (also called the Nacotchtank), Patawomack and others. These tribes have individual cultures and political structures, and members of many of them are still thriving in the DC area preserving their language and traditions for future generations. The Conoy Piscataway Tribe, who we believe lived in South Arlington where Signature is located, is still active in Southern Maryland and is officially recognized by the state of Maryland as well. Join us as we continue to listen and educate ourselves about Arlington’s vibrant Native American community, their treaties and the land on which Signature Theatre is located by visiting the links below to learn more!

We Have a Story to Tell: Native Peoples of the Chesapeake Region
Guide for Teachers, from the National Museum of the American Indian

Piscataway Conoy Tribe Official Website

Global Map of Native Land, from Native-Land.Ca