Blog: Signature in the Schools on the STAGE Network

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Signature in the Schools, Signature’s premiere education program, was featured in a new documentary on the STAGE Network, a new streaming platform for theater fans around the world. The program was chosen as the subject of the first episode of Let’s Play, a series that showcases performing arts programs for young people across the US. Watch the trailer above to get a sneak peek of the show and visit the link below for more information about how to access the full documentary. It’s available to stream now through the STAGE Network’s Premiere paid plan.

watch the documentary

And if you know an Arlington County high school student who’s interested in theater, tell them about Signature in the Schools! Auditions are on Friday, September 27 at 4PM at Signature Theatre, and they are open to all Arlington County Public high school students who are interested in acting or working backstage.

audition information