Signature in the Schools - for Students

Auditions and Interviews for Actors, Stage Crew, and Musicians/Singers September 27 at Signature Theatre. Scroll down for audition info.

Signature in the Schools is a theatrical training program unlike any other. The chance to be in a world premiere production, written, directed and staged by professional theater artists, featuring a professional actor. And beyond all of that, it’s the chance to participate in a theatrical conversation about issues that matter: contemporary feminism, race relations in America, global imperialism, veteran issues. These are just a few of the topics that Signature in the Schools productions have delved into.

Want to audition? Would you rather work backstage? Good news, any high school student currently enrolled in an Arlington County public high school is eligible to apply for both acting and technical positions. No experience necessary – we’ll teach you on the job!

The Audition and Interview Process – 2019/2020

Students interested in auditioning or interviewing for Signature in the Schools are welcome to attend on September 27 beginning at 4PM at Signature Theatre (4200 Campbell Ave). Students will be seen in the order they arrive. No advance appointments are available. Students are welcome to apply for more than one area, just make sure you’re prepared!

Potential Actors: Applying actors should come prepared with a memorized 1-2 minute monologue. Those who are unable to come with a monologue will be provided with a monologue to read when they arrive.

Potential Stage Crew: Applying crew members should be ready for a simple 3-5 minute interview aimed to find out whether your work ethic is right for the program. Questions like “Tell me about a time you had to work hard at something” or “Tell me about what your hardest class is at school and what you did to succeed in it” will be asked.

Then what?

Then, you wait. If you make it into the program, you’ll get an email from Signature staff on October 11.

Time Commitment

Signature in the Schools is a serious time commitment. When you audition, you’ll get a chance to tell us every day that you’re unable to come to rehearsal/crew call. Any conflicts that come up after that will have to be approved by the director for you to miss them (and they might not be approved!).

The general breakdown of how the program works are in the boxes on this page.

PART I – Boot Camp and Table Work: Aimed to create a true theater ensemble, these sessions are devoted to theatrical skill building and hands-on lessons about the year’s given subject matter. Additionally, there are regular opportunities for the cast and cast and crew to gather together to read through the script and to discuss it with the playwright as it goes through revisions. (December 2 – 20, weekdays, 3:45PM-6:15PM)

PART II – BREAK: Cast and crew are then given three weeks off for winter break. Actors are expected to return from break fully memorized. (December 21 – January 5)

PART III – Rehearsals and Crew Calls: Rehearsals are every day after school (3:45PM-6:15PM and occasional Saturdays (10AM-2PM.) NO ACTOR WILL BE CALLED EVERY DAY. After Boot Camp and Table Work, costumes and props should plan on meeting to work 1-2 days a week after school (3:45PM-6:15PM.) Lights and sound are not called again until tech. Stage Management is called to every rehearsal and performance. (January 6 – February 8, weekdays and occasional Saturdays)

PART IV – Tech: All of the departments have been working separately for weeks. Now, we finally put it all together. Every minute of tech is mandatory for every person working on the production. (February 10 – 16, full week, hours vary by day.)

PART V – Student Matinees: As noted on production calendars, students involved in the production miss their morning classes for five days. While students are excused from their classes to participate in morning performances, they are not excused from doing their work for those classes. Students are responsible for school work and class time missed. (February 14, February 19, February 20, February 21, February 24)

PART VI – Evening Performances: It’s not just for the students though. There are two performances for the public so everyone you know can come see you in a professional-quality show! (February 17 & 24)

Have questions about Signature in the Schools? Send your questions to See you in September!