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The Hunt is now over, and we are no longer accepting submissions with answers to the clues. Thanks to everyone who participated!

In Freaky Friday, daughter Ellie wants participate in The Hunt – an annual rite of passage at her high school. Mom Katherine thinks this “extra-curricular” activity is unsafe and wouldn’t let Ellie participate even if it weren’t during the rehearsal dinner for her wedding.

So, we thought it would be fun to give away tickets, show swag and more with a little Freaky Friday in DC scavenger hunt of our own. Clues are now posted below.

The Details

Snap your pic of yourself with all five answers to the clues below and either direct message Signature Theatre on Facebook or email them to

One grand prize winner will receive four tickets to Freaky Friday, a $50 gift card to Palette 22 for dinner before the show, an “I’m Not Myself Today” show mug and signed show poster. Several runners-up will receive a pair of tickets to the show. Winners will be randomly chosen from the correct submissions.

Even if you don’t win – you still get a prize! Anyone who completes the scavenger hunt receives a code with a great discount to Freaky Friday, running now until November 20.

Gather up your team and let’s go hunting!

The Clues

1. The original brains behind the novel Freaky Friday, Mary Rodgers, is also a Broadway composer. Her most famous musical is Once Upon a Mattress, but she also wrote The Mad Show, a revue based upon a popular comic turned magazine. One of its recurring strips features two wordless characters as a metaphor for the Cold War. Those two characters would have had a blast at this unique DC museum. Snap a pic outside this secretive institution, full of gadgets like a lipstick pistol and an Enigma machine.

2. The Tony Award®-winning leading lady Barbara Harris began her career on the stage before transitioning into the movies, playing the mother in the original Freaky Friday film. Her father also made a mid-career change. He ended up as a successful businessman, but started out as this. While Barbara may have had The Apple Tree written for her, her father would have been most at home among the actual ones. Take a trip to the living museum that might have been Mr. Harris’ favorite place in the city. Established in 1927, it’s a Capitol place to spend the afternoon. Snap a pic in front of these historic pillars, one of the most recent additions to this national garden, and, coincidentally, the most photographed.

3. The 2003 remake of Freaky Friday was directed by Mark Waters and starred Lindsay Lohan. A year later they teamed up again in another teen comedy that is currently being adapted for the Broadway stage. The queen bee villainess of that film has a very unique first name – find the next clue when you translate it from its Latin origin. Arguably the most famous of all, this one defeated the Spanish Armada and ushered in a new artistic age in her country. She may not have worn pink on Wednesdays, but her portrait hangs in this library. Visit with royalty and snap a pic outside this institution, which boasts the largest collection of the Bard in the world.

4. Freaky Friday was also adapted as a made-for-TV movie in 1995, starring Shelley Long as the mother and a Field of Dreams actress as the daughter. The daughter also appeared in another 90s classic, a Nora Ephron smash romantic comedy. When not listening to the radio, the leading lady worked as a journalist for this Charm City paper that is still in operation today. Pick up a copy of its latest edition and snap a pic.

5. In Signature’s production of Disney’s Freaky Friday, the most important part of the school year is The Hunt – a frantic overnight scavenger hunt throughout Chicago. With clues placed all over the city, it’s a great way to get to know your hometown. You’ve traveled all across our nation’s capital. Now embrace “No More Fear” and find the iconic one of these in DC. Located in a chaotic traffic circle, this Civil War monument honors a United States Navy Rear Admiral. Catch a glimpse of the sea, stars and wind and snap a pic.