In with the Interns: Malcolm Combs

Blog: In with the Interns: Malcolm Combs

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The offices are alive with summer interns! Meet Malcolm, Signature Marketing’s 2016 Summer intern.

Name: Malcolm Combs

From: Rockville, MD

School: University of Pennsylvania

Favorite Musicals: Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables

Favorite Plays: Twelfth Night, The Flick

Favorite Movie: Napoleon Dynamite

Internship Start Date: June 10, 2016

Internship Duties: I help market all of Signature’s amazing shows! Whether I am planning new marketing campaigns, reviewing the success of past ones, or reaching out to local businesses, I get to experience several different aspects of theater-marketing and help fill seats. If I’m lucky I get to drive around and talk to DC jazz club owners, while other times I get to paint a purple piano for the plaza. And they occasionally let me change light bulbs, which I’ve been told is important.

Favorite Things About Signature: The people I get to work with. Signature has an awesome sense of community, and it’s no wonder they put on such genuine and high-quality productions.

Favorite Things About DC: It really feels like the place to be for young, hip, working adults. Plus my older brother lives here, and we get to kick it together on weekends.

General Cool Things About You: I got into theater in middle school because the lead in our production of Little Shop of Horrors got appendicitis a week before the show, so they put me on. I’ve been performing ever since. I also play ice hockey and have been to over 20 countries.

What would the name of your debut album be? A Family Size Bag of Doritos