“You should audition for Signature in the Schools because it’s a program unlike any other.” - Karl Green

Blog: “You should audition for Signature in the Schools because it’s a program unlike any other.” - Karl Green

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As the Signature Theatre Department enters its 21st season of Signature in the Schools, the staff wanted to hear from Karl, one of its most recent graduates on what the program meant to him.

“It all started in my 9th grade English class when David Zobell, the Education Director at Signature, led a theater workshop, culminating in a plug for Signature in the Schools. Intrigued by his colorful socks and anxious for the audition, I decided I would check it out.

Fast-forward four years. Words really can’t describe my Signature in the Schools experience but I’ll try.

Signature in the Schools is quite a unique opportunity. Not only do you get to perform in a world-premiere play, but you also get to perform in front of hundreds of other high school students. After the first student matinee of Un-American, I remember an upperclassman approaching me in the hallway and mentioning how she saw me on stage earlier that day and how much she enjoyed the show. Being a freshman at the time I was blown away by her compliment and intrigued how theater could bring people together.

The people I’ve met through Signature in the Schools are some of the most talented and genuine people I’ve worked with. From Broadway actors to award-winning designers and technicians, Signature in the Schools has exposed me to the level of professionalism and dedication that’s required to be successful and bring something beautiful to the stage.

As a student, I learned the importance of having priorities. While I loved the theater and the whole process of putting a show up, I had to remember that I was also a student in high school and that I had tests to study for, chapters to read, and essays to write. Lining up my priorities taught me time management, and subsequently I was able to give my best in whatever I was doing.

Now a freshman studying acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Signature in the Schools. I am beyond thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned, the friends I’ve met, and the support I’ve received.

You should audition for Signature in the Schools because it’s a program unlike any other, offering you the opportunity to learn about theatre, make life long friends, and become a well-rounded individual.”

PLEASE NOTE: Only students from Wakefield High School and members of the Arlington Fine Arts Apprentice Program are eligible to participate as actors or technicians in Signature in the Schools.

A New Play by Joe Calarco
Directed by David Zobell
Needed: Actors, Lighting and Sound Technicians, Make-Up and Costume Artists, Stage Managers, Prop Artists

No experience is necessary.

Looking at the history of race in America through the lens of Baltimore’s troubled history, 295N takes its audience from Frederick Douglass through the first sit-in protests in the nation to the present day. This exciting world premiere play by Signature’s Director of New Works, Joe Calarco, promises to continue Signature in the Schools’ proud legacy of challenging political theatre, featuring a cast of student actors and crew members, led by a team of professional directors and designers.

Auditions will be held at 3:30PM on October 9th at Signature Theatre at 4200 Campbell Avenue, Arlington 22206. No advanced appointments will be accepted.

Actors: Come prepared with a memorized 1-2 minute monologue or be prepared to do a cold reading.
Technicians: Come prepared for a brief interview.

Rehearsals begin November 30 and performances run February 26 through March 7.

For more information, e-mail sigschools@sigtheatre.org