The World of the Play

Spotify Playlist Relating to the Show

Sink into the period of the piece and the themes it explores with this custom made playlist from the Signature in the Schools team.

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Pinterest Inspiration Board

Playwright Dani Stoller used a wide variety of influences for the world of The Pursued, The Pursuing, The Busy and The Tired. Take a look at some of her inspiration for the show at this dedicated Pinterest board.

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Influenced by Influencers

Playwright Dani Stoller dove deep into the world of social media to create the world of social media influencers in The Pursued, The Pursuing, The Busy, and the Tired. The influencers in the link below provided inspiration for the characters, language and story of the play. Check out these accounts before and after the show. How do you see their influence on the piece?

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Film and Television Influences

Playwright Dani Stoller dove deep into cinematic representations of high schoolers and strong examples of satire. Click the link below to see some of the movies and TV shows that inspired the writing of The Pursued, The Pursuing, The Busy, and The Tired. Movie night, anyone?

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Conversation Starters

  • The party atmosphere of The Great Gatsby is part of what people remember about the 1920s. What do you think people are going to remember about the 2020s? What would you want to make sure didn’t get left out of the picture?
  • Satirically reviewing the past might seem easy since we are not actively living in it. What aspects of our modern culture do you think future generations will look back on with a satirical eye?
  • Why do you think that even though the American Dream is imperfect and hard to achieve, that we still strive for the achievement of it?
  • How do different generations engage with social media? (Compare and contrast yourself to your parents, guardians, friends, siblings, grandparents.)
  • What is something that you would like to change about society’s interactions with social media? How do you think social media will change in the future?