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The Pursued, The Pursuing, The Busy, and The Tired

by Dani Stoller

Now - February 28, 2022

We are thrilled to share with you the recorded version of this year’s Signature in the Schools production, The Pursued, The Pursuing, The Busy, and The Tired. Playwright Dani Stoller’s hilarious take on the influence of social media and commentary on authenticity received standing ovations at every performance. Available to stream until February 28th.

“I know I’m not very popular. I don’t give big parties. I suppose you’ve got to make your house a pigsty in order to have any friends – in the modern world.”

The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Crazy parties, high-end fashion, glamorous homes, fame. Through his social media feeds, high schooler Jason Carraway has seen it all and wants it all. Newly enrolled at the elite Dalton Prep, Jason moves from seeing the lives of the elite via social media to seeing it all in person. This is his chance to rise to the top and to have everything he’s ever wanted. Or, at least, he hopes.

Using F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterful novel The Great Gatsby as a springboard, playwright Dani Stoller’s world premiere play is a sharp and biting look at authenticity, social media and the ways we try to find self-worth in the modern world. Featuring a cast and crew of area high school students, the 27th Signature in the Schools production promises to continue Signature in the Schools’ tradition of bringing difficult subjects alive by connecting them to history, politics and literature.

Signature in the Schools, Signature Theatre’s flagship education program, is a multifaceted program that encompasses workshops for English, Social Studies and Theatre classes, theatrical training for young artists, and the creation of an original play. The program includes pre-show visits to school classrooms, resources for students and curriculum guides for teachers. Signature in the Schools is offered to all participants free of charge. Students from throughout Northern Virginia also attend daytime performances for free to see their peers perform.

Flip through theThe Pursued, The Pursuing, The Busy, and The Tired program

Running time is approximately 75 minutes long.

This program is recommended for preteens, teens and adults.

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