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Detroit '67

Detroit '67

by Dominique Morisseau

Winner of the Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama, this thought-provoking, resonant play sizzles to the soundtrack of the 1960s.

In 1967 Detroit, Motown has hit its groove and the Poindexter siblings, Chelle and Lank, make ends meet by hosting parties in their basement. However, Lank and his friend Sly have dreams beyond the cellar shindigs—despite Chelle’s resistance. When Lank then brings home a mysterious white woman, the family’s simmering disagreements explode—as their streets erupt in riots—and life becomes a lot more dangerous.

“You can hear echoes of August Wilson in [Dominique Morisseau’s] work, of Lorraine Hansberry, of Tennessee Williams, of Anton Chekhov, but also a voice — seductive, poetic, comic, tough — that is unmistakably her own.” 
- The New York Times

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