signature theatre


Virtual Masterclass: How to Succeed in Business - Running a Theatre

May 7, 2020


Designed for students, directors and early to mid-career arts managers, Signature’s co-leaders, Artistic Director Eric Schaeffer and Managing Director Maggie Boland, discuss how to successfully run a professional theatre. Bring all your questions for this moderated discussion as Boland and Schaeffer describe the career paths that led them to their current positions, skills required to run a theatre, and tips for working together, managing staff, creating community and growing a brand.

Topics covered in this masterclass include:

  • Career path to executive management and skills necessary to obtain a position in leadership
  • Finding the right partnership and balance between the artistic and managing head roles and how to develop that partnership
  • The process of decision-making together for both artistic and managerial issues like season selection and organizational budgeting
  • Approaches to keeping staff involved, happy and working well together
  • Parts in each job that are “hidden” from the public or take a surprisingly long amount of time and patience
  • Expanding and growing a community and brand that is unique in the area but also supportive of the local arts economy

This masterclass is a moderated discussion that is best for those interested in running a professional theatre, especially current students who want to enter the field, early and mid-career arts managers and directors who want to run theaters.

Masterclass will take place over Zoom.