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Virtual Masterclass: Another Op’nin', Another Show - The Role of the Stage Manager

May 14, 2020


Two pros combine their years of wisdom and experience for a masterclass to share tips, tricks, and insights on how to effectively run a show from day one to every night on stage. Learn from Kerry Epstein, a Signature stage manager for fourteen seasons and more 65 productions, and Karen Currie, who has stage managed 12 shows at Signature along with numerous shows at The Kennedy Center, Olney Theatre Center, Theater J and more. This class is best for those interested in working at a live performing arts venue.

Topics covered in this masterclass include:

  • Collaboration and communication between actors, production staff and administrative staff
  • Tips for working both effectively and efficiently
  • Surprising skills that are used by stage managers (i.e. more math than you would think, psychology, etc.)
  • Successes and horror stories from the Stage Manager front lines

This masterclass is best for those interested working professionally in production at a live performing arts venue, or for anyone (actors, administrative staff, etc.) who want to understand the perspective of a stage manager in order to be a better team player.

Masterclass will take place over Zoom.

Registration will close at 6PM the day of the event.