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Shakespeare's R&J

Adapted & Directed by Joe Calarco

February 5 – March 3, 2013


Four young men. One scarf. Shakespeare’s transcendent saga of forbidden love reimagined in a brave and bold in-the-round setting.

A repressive all-male Catholic boarding school bans Romeo and Juliet in favor of Latin conjugations and the Ten Commandments. Four students unearth a secret copy and steal into the night to recite the prohibited tale of adolescent passion. While it begins as a lark, the story gradually draws the boys into a discovery of universal truth that parallels their own coming-of-age. A riveting drama within a drama, Shakespeare’s R&J transcends the boundaries between play and player.

“A small miracle – Joe Calarco would appear to be a theater man of imagination and vision. This production is truly astonishing.” —The New York Times

“I’ve seldom seen teenage isolation, insecurity, vulnerability and pain so touchingly evoked.” —The Times