Signature Theatre's New Visual Identity

News: Signature Theatre's New Visual Identity

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As we announce our 2024-2025 season, you may have noticed that our graphics have a new look, including a new logo. This new design, developed in conjunction with local Alexandria, Virginia agency Yes&, is inspired by Signature’s unique approach to our work. The design uses vibrant, saturated colors that reflect the rich spectrum of shows that Signature puts on our stages, letterforms you won’t see anywhere else, and textures and imagery with a bit of grit and lots of style.

The logo joins the words Signature and Theatre with the common center letter, A. This overlap represents connection and collaboration, two of our brand values — connection and collaboration between audience and performance, between performer and physical space, between performers and each other.

We love what this incredible proximity to the audience demands of us. Every production detail matters; every moment must be vividly alive; and every story and performance must ring true. There is no “fourth wall” in anything we do – performer and audience are connected with each other. And the audience is the final, crucial part in every Signature production.

We truly value that community. Together, with your support, we will continue to make intriguing, inventive choices, and to be a place to celebrate a profound, joyful, and inclusive vision of our shared humanity – which is what makes Signature, Signature: The Best Place to Experience Musicals in America. By Any Measure.

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