News: The National Endowment for the Arts’ Art Works Podcast Features Interview with Artistic Director Matthew Gardiner

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The Art Works podcast sat down with director Matthew Gardiner to talk about Signature’s production of Into the Woods, how he programs a season of shows for the community, and why he thinks that Stephen Sondheim’s work is the “easiest to direct.”

The cast of Into the Woods

Josephine Reed from The National Endowment for the Arts’s podcast Art Works interviewed Artistic Director, Matthew Gardiner after seeing Signature’s production of Into the Woods, running until January 29, 2023. Reed and Gardiner dive into the design and direction behind Into the Woods, from staging the musical through a fresh lens to how Signature produces such ambitious musicals in the intimate MAX Theater thanks to the “commitment of donors and Board and staff.”

Gardiner shares his love for Sondheim’s work, and how it is a “gift” to direct, and also how he chose specific local actors to highlight the themes of community and connection in Into the Woods. Learn more about Into the Woods, Gardiner’s artistic history and his vision for Signature by listening to the full episode in the link below.

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