News: Data Security Notice

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We have been informed of an incident with our third-party email vendor involving email addresses shared with Signature Theatre.

Like most organizations, Signature uses a third-party email marketing service to send emails to our patrons.  On July 11, we were notified by our third-party service vendor that they had been impacted by a potential cybersecurity breach.  At that time there was no evidence that any patron data had been compromised or misused. Upon discovering the issue, the vendor immediately engaged digital forensics and cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident and securely restore the system. On July 14, we were notified that our third-party service vendor discovered some of their customer data had been accessed, including names and emails.  We are working with the third-party service vendor to determine if or the extent to which any of Signature’s patron information was part of the potential cybersecurity breach. This incident is being investigated, and there is no indication at this point that any information related to the potential breach has been misused.

While we understand any potential cybersecurity incident or breach can be alarming, this third-party service vendor was used only to deploy Signature’s emails. No patron credit card information, addresses, phone numbers or other personally identifiable information was ever collected by or shared with the third-party email service vendor. 

In the interim we are using an alternate third-party provider for email messaging. We plan to monitor this situation and will ensure we have a thorough understanding of what led this cybersecurity breach and continue to require that all our third-party vendors meet strict security guidelines.

If there are any updates on this situation, we will update this webpage.

We apologize for any inconvenience or concern this may cause. Please email our Director of Marketing at Jen Buzzell if you have any further questions.