4 Things to Know About The Flick

Blog: 4 Things to Know About The Flick

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1. The show is three hours long, but it’s worth every second.

The first act of the play is an hour and fifty minutes long, and there’s a 15-minute intermission before the second act. Get to the Theatre early to settle in and be ready for this epic piece of theater.

2. Annie Baker won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for The Flick in 2014.

Her natural dialogue and familiar characters belie a depth of emotion that is unparalleled in modern naturalism. The Pulitzer committee called the play a “thoughtful drama with well-crafted characters that focuses on three employees of a Massachusetts art-house movie theatre, rendering lives rarely seen on the stage.”

3. Baker’s style is rooted in Emile Zola’s late-19th century naturalism.

In a nutshell, according to Zola naturalistic plays should have real characters whose actions are influenced by their environment and heredity, meaningful conflicts, and straightforward simple stories.

4. Tickets are almost gone!

If you enjoy thought-provoking funny plays, get your tickets for The Flick now. We’ve already extended it for a week due to popular demand, so make sure you get your seats before it sells out!