What's a Deck Chief? Meet Alex from Signature in the Schools

Blog: What's a Deck Chief? Meet Alex from Signature in the Schools

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Wakefield High School senior Alex rejoins the Signature in the Schools program for his fourth year in 295N. Get to know him as he explains what his role in the program is as well as what brings him back year after year.

My name is Alex and I am the Deck Chief for the Signature in the Schools program, meaning that I oversee backstage tasks and make sure that everything is in the right place at the right time. In past shows I have given actors the right props, and even operate on five moving panels on stage. I am currently in my fourth year of this program and I have grown to adore everything about it. Be it the professional environment or the other individuals participating in the program – actors, technicians, or stage management – we all share the same passion for our craft. There is never a dull moment in the Signature in the Schools program. Every day we are inspired in a new way to forge something to change the world, to light the fires of revolution, or to shed light on corruption and inequality. Every day shows us something new and drives us to take action. Every year I see audiences walk away happy and deep in thought after our performances. During the receptions in the lobby I hear people having political conversation about the theme in our production and it tells me that we make people think. I love that. Signature Theatre has become a second home to me, and this program is unlike any other. It gives me and other high school students a place to be ourselves and be treated as adults in a learning environment as we work together as one ensemble to create something beautiful. I will leave this brilliant program with tears of joy. I hope to return each year to see what new magnificent production is in the works. Thank you to all who make this program possible.

Be sure to check back in the coming weeks to hear more from the amazing cast and crew of Signature in the Schools. For more information on the program check out our web page.