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News: Creating a Fake Political Campaign - The Washington Post

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Cal Chandler’s candidacy is either a political consultant’s greatest challenge or his worst nightmare. Chandler is coasting by on his family name but is clueless about governing. He lies and cheats and breaks the law. But top political consultant Russ Schriefer, who has worked on the campaigns of George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and, currently, Chris Christie, decided to take him on anyway, crafting his media campaign, complete with patriotic ads and yard signs.

Why haven’t Chandler’s antics vaulted him past Donald Trump as the political spectacle of the month? Because Chandler is the main character in “The Fix,” a musical by John Dempsey and Dana P. Rowe opening Tuesday at Signature Theatre. It’s a comedy about the dark side of political ambition — think “Veep” President Selina Meyer meets flawed but well-meaning “House of Cards” Rep. Peter Russo.

When the theater’s creative team needed help making Chandler’s campaign look real, they didn’t have to look very far: Schriefer, a longtime theater fan, serves on the Signature board.

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