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Signature Theatre is grateful to the following donors for their philanthropic leadership and generosity.

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STG International
Dottie Bennett and Richard Morton
Cathy Bernard/Bernard Family Foundation
Bonnie Feld
Arlene and Robert Kogod
Michelle S. Lee and STGi
Dan and Gloria Logan
The Shubert Foundation

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Atavis Jet
John F. Benton and David W. Briggs
Mike Blank
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Bradley S. Frey/J. Watkins’ Fund for Arts and Education
Frank Guzzetta and Paul Manville
Louis Mazawey
The Jean T. Pelham and Heyward G. Pelham Foundation
Jenna and Paul Segal
Share Fund
The Ted & Mary Jo Shen Charitable Gift Fund
Virginia Commission for the Arts

Nirschl Orthopaedic Center
Susan Gage Caterers
Barbara M. Angus
Stacie and Michael Arpey
The Boeing Company
Stephen and Nancy Brown
Deborah G. Gandy
Ted and Michele* Leber
Celie and Tabitha Niehaus
Nirschl Orthopaedic Center
Micheal J. O’Connor
Craig Pascal and Victor Shargai*
Wesley Pickard and Jeanette Studley*
Susan Carroll Schwab
Susan Gage Caterers

Chevy Chase Trust
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The Max Productions Inc
State Farm
Venable Foundation
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Sydney M. Avent
Theodore H. Barth Foundation
J. Max Barger and Gary L. Phillips
Jean Cantrell
Chevy Chase Trust
Clark-Winchcole Foundation
Bruce A. Cohen
The Dallas Morse Coors Foundation for the Performing Arts
Sue Cunningham and Howard Moore
Jim Davidson and Cheryl Williams
Ashley Davis
deLaski Family Foundation
Michael DeSantis and Patrick Baugh
Dorothy Dickman Trust
Dominion Energy
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
Margia and Jim Dyer
Sharon Eddy, State Farm Agent
R. Michael Gadbaw and Sally Chandler
The Geary-O’Hara Family Foundation
Mary Ann Gilleece
Lois C. Greisman
Barron Hall
Dana A. Hearn and Kevin J. McCloskey
Don and Angela Irwin
Maxine Isaacs/The Max Productions LLC
Rick Kasten
Jody Katz and Jeffrey Gibbs
Lisa Kountoupes and Jack Sava
Mark T. Lewellyn
Limelight Insights by Shugoll
Terrance and Sue McGowan
Christopher McMackin, M.D. and David Svatos
The Meredith Foundation
Peter and Mary Jay Michel
Amanda Christine Miller and Richard Nash
National Endowment for the Arts
David Ochsman
In Memory of Janice Olmstead*
Patricia Payne and Nancy Firestone
Beth Pile
Charles Porvaznik and Thomas Paese
James Pridgen and Arthur Warren
H. Mac and Michele-Anne Riley
Debra and Dave Rose
Russ Schriefer and Nina Easton
David S. Shrager Foundation
Carl Spatz and Thomas Hesselbrock
Peter and Ann Tanous
Jeffrey Thurston and Charlie Berardesco
Sarah Valente
Venable Foundation
Washington Forrest Foundation
Maya Weil
In memory of Brenda Wesner*
Ellen and Bernard Young

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Hilton Garden Inn
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Somenek+Pittman MD
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Greg Albright and Wes Combs
Alan and Barbara Anderson
Brenda K. Ashworth and Donald Welch
Jeff Bell
The John Bickford Foundation
John Bledsoe
Maggie Boland and John Hance
Penny Bonda
Katie and Mike Butler
Susan L. and Dixon M. Butler
Tim Carlton
Dennis Deloria and Suzanne Thouvenelle
Thomas B. DePriest
Diane Dubois and Elizabeth Rutherford
Dimick Foundation
Brian Feit in memory of Phil Melemed
Glen Fernald and Charles Rhode
Jay and Susan Finkelstein
Veronika J. Folz
Dave Fowler and Todd Metzler
Dianne Geiger
Susan and Tim Gibson
Benjamin A. Gitterman
Alan* and Hedda Gnaizda
Paul R. Gordon and John H. Price*
Graham Holdings
Robert and Laura Grimm
Lucia and Woolf Gross
Nancy E. Gwinn and John Y. Cole
Laurie Hand and Jonathan Gowdy
Meg and John Hauge
Sue Henry and Carter Phillips
Don Hesse and Jerrilyn Andrews
Hilton Garden Inn Arlington/Shirlington
Doug Holtz-Eakin and Beth Robinson
Brian Huseman
Andrew A. Isen
Juel Janis
Herschel Kanter
Andi Kasarsky
Richard M. Kellogg
Barry Kropf
Missy Kurek
Myron Lehtman
Leon Fund at Richmond Community Foundation (Irene and Alan Wurtzel)
Joan Lynn/Galen Miller Fund
John and Mary Lee Malcolm
Mars Foundation
Nancy and Stephen McGuire
Ray and Nancy McKinley
Howard Menaker and Patrick Gossett
Jeffrey Menick
Larry L. Mitchell
J.P. Morgan
National Constitution Center
Sylvia and Lloyd* Oliver
Ottilie Fund
Lola C. Reinsch
Steven M. Rosenberg and Stewart C. Low III
Evelyn Sandground and Bill Perkins
The Savada-Stevenson Family
Diane and Peter Schaefer
Sheldon Seidel
Sally Seiler and Patrick Pellerin
Linda Smith
Somenek+Pittman MD – Advanced Plastic Surgery
Robert and Amy Stone
Richard Underwood
Tom and Carol Wheeler
Jeffery Wilcox
Deborah and David Yaffe
Joseph and Linda Young
Judy and Leo Zickler

Anonymous (3)
Dr. Stewart Aledort and Dr. Sheila Rogovin*
John Andelin and Virginia Geoffrey
Elfreda Baptist
Bonnie and Jere Broh-Kahn
Candice C. Bryant
Patricia Bryant
Blain and Peg Butner
The Charles Delmar Foundation
Ian DeWaal and Caroline Smith DeWaal
Debra N. Diener in memory of Naomi and Sol Diener
Barbara and Kevin Donnellan
Robert J. Eatinger, Jr., SpyLaw Consulting LLC
Marietta Ethier
Donald and Cathy Fogel
Marybeth and Zack Fraser
Matthew Gardiner
Jillian Clark Gibson
Hacken Charitable Fund
Alan and Bonnie Hammerschlag
Carolyn and Jim Harris
Robert E. Hebda
Kaye Ann Hellmich
Adam R. Henderson and Bruce C. Marshall
Jill Herscot and Andrew Bartley
RC Howes
Henry D. Kahn and Laura Primakoff
Daniel Kaplan and Kay Richman
Peter Kimmel and Stephanie Jackson
Elise and Michael Kirby
Renee Klish
Judith Knee
Leslie S. Kogod, Lauren S. Kogod, and Stuart A. Kogod
Steven B. Kruse
Rob Liberatore and Debra Kraft
David and Diane Litman
Julianna Mahley
Tina M. Martin and Mita M. Schaffer
Emmy McArver
Hilary B. Miller and Dr. Katherine N. Bent
Dennis Milliron
Adele Mouzon and Mark Perry
James A. Mulligan
Beth Newburger
Betty Ann Ottinger
John Robert Porter
Michael and Jane Powell
Ari and Kelley Redbord
Janis Reed
Michele K. Ross
Roberta Roumel
David A. Sayles
Sally Simms
Antonia Browning Smiley
Carl W. Smith and Michael L. Burke
Martha and Horace Sneed
Patti and Jerry Sowalsky
Mark and Lynn Spates
John Sporing Jr.
Pamela K. Stapleton
Timothy and Jennifer Tomlinson
TTR Sotheby’s; Ken Trotter, J.D., Realtor
Kathleen and Victor Utgoff
VentureVest Foundation Fund (Kenneth B. Ullman)
Amy Weinberg and Norbert Hornstein
Weissberg Foundation
Jeffrey and Kathleen Wright
Annette and Colin Young  

Anonymous (8)
Catherine Abrahams
David Abrams
Nathan, Debbie, and Isaac Ainspan in memory of Martin, Phyllis, and Sara Ainspan
George and Wati Alvarez-Correa
Patricia Alper Cohn and David I. Cohn
James Amaral
Tony Anderson and Kevin Lorei
Susan Angell
Victoria Avera and John Dick
Michael Bagwell and Clark Chesser
Andy Bailey
Jean and Richard Barton
Douglas Bates
Scott Douglas Bellard
Grace and Morton Bender
Karen Berg
Deane Bergsrud and Kenneth Hausman
Darwin B. Bingham
Dorli Bokel
Robert and Mary Jane Bolle
Janet Boyd
Helen Brand
Linda Brooks
Marcus Brown
Jeanne M. Broyhill and Joe Ventrone
Beth B. Buehlmann
Harold and Louise Burghart
Mary G. Cadagin and Lee Wilson
David Cade
Fred Cantor
Carol Caparosa
Maureen Chelius Charitable Fund
George Christensen and Steven Kotrch
Heidi Christensen & Gene Kendall
Diane Clark and Peter Garcia
Bill and Sara Coleman
Janice King Crawford
John and Valerie Cuddy
Dianne and William Cummings
Isabelle and John Cummings
The Dailey Family
James and Dorothy Dake
L. William Derrow
Mary DeOreo and Marc Lackritz
Andrew and Mary DePristo
William Dietrich
Eric N. Dobson
Grant Doe
Sheila G. Dryden
Paul E. Dwyer
Gaetana Ebbole
Bill and Joan Eisner
Leon and Miriam Ellsworth
Betsy and Kenyon Erickson
Carissa Fargoughi
Robert W. Fish
Dr. Larry and Nancy Fishel
Denise Flanagan
Raymond Foote and Isamu Danura
Wes and Betty Foster
Virginia C. Gano
Aaron Gibson
Robert L. Giron and Ken Schellenberg
William Giroux and Robert Lorenson
Joseph Godles and Nancy Liebermann
Ellen Goldstein
Jinny and Michael Goldstein
Milton Grossman
Jane P. Guiliano
Dean J. Haas
Scott Hahn
Frona Hall
Mary Margaret Hammond
Hon. Jane Harman
Erin Harms and Marc Olano
Fran Hart*
Bert Helfinstein and Margaret Rodenberg
Robin Hettleman and Matthew Weinberg
Lucia and Fred Hill
James and Marilyn Horwood
Glen and Lauren Howard
Vicki Howard
Geraldine W. Inge
Steve and Kelly Johnson
Kenneth Johnston
Alice and David Joseph
Jodie Kelley and Scott Sinder
Peter Kester
Robert L. Kimmins
Gary and Vicki Kirkbride
Caroline Klemp
Sandy and Dick* Laeser
Steve and Maureen Landry
John LeBlanc and Haywood Torrence Jr.
Kerry E.M. Liesveld
Nancy Limprecht and Rick Haines
John Henry Loomis
Wes MacAdam
Patricia Macgowan
Tom Mannion and Douglas Mearns
Ann and Edward Matey Jr
Pete and Karen Mattheis
Martha Matthews and Arthur Reiger
Russell Matthias and Dwight Horkheimer
Betsy McCluskey
Robert McDonald and David Insinga
McCain McMurray and Cameron Griffith
Robert F. Miailovich
Phillip Lee Milstead
George* and Nancy Miron
Grant Mitchell and Sheila Manes
Susan Montanari
Hazel C. Moore
Thomas and Barbara Moore
Melanie and Rene Moreno
Kent and Dale Morrison
Michael Natrella
Dr. and Mrs. Stephan P. Nelson
William and Louisa Newlin
Ms. Dane Nichols
Randy and Suzanne Nuckolls
Melanie and Larry Nussdorf
Judith and Mary O’Brien
Curtis Oja
Stan Peabody
Frank G. and Stephanie W. Persico
Gary Phillips
John B. Pitchford and Lenny Stumpf
Robert and Elaine Porter
Judy Lynn Prince*
Joseph Radford Jr.
Abby and Stuart Raphael
Brian Reid and Brett Brenner
Alan and Terry Rettig
Judith Rivlin and Eric Sanne
Lauren Roberts and Juan Sanchez
Margaret Rodenberg and Bert Helfinstein
Vince L. Rodriguez and Ted A. Culler
Rosalind Rosenberg
Bruce Rosenblum and Lori Laitman
Dana Rosenfeld and Eric Biel
Monika Ruppert and Mary Layne
Thomas A. Sachs and William H. Moses
Jo Ella Samp
Elizabeth Samuel
Terry Savela and Dean Amel
Amy E. Schaffer
Eric Schwartz
Richard and Rosemary Schwartzbard
Leslie C. Seeman and David M. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Jacqueline and Richard Sellers
Wayne S. Sellman
Elaine and English Showalter
Susan Silhol
Benjamin Simon and Edith Brashares
Jim Sirbaugh and Garry Hartsock
Thomas Slater
John Smeallie and Dean Baker
Ann Smith
Ed and Andy Smith
Ms. Susan P. Snowdon
Larry and Arlene Spinelli
Paul and Crystal Stanley
Thomas and Kathalina Stean
Mallary Stouffer
Mary Sturtevant
Aileen and Jack Sullivan
Donna Sutton
Lauren Swartz and Bob Rose
Pat and Steve Telkins
Peter E. Threadgill
Annette Totten
Carter Vaden
Carolyn Van Dolson
Caryn Wagner and Chad Lash
Christopher and Alisa Wailoo
Ralph J. Wall
Walton Family Foundation
Douglas and Evelyn Watson
Karen Wax
Robert and Susan Weinbeck
John Welch and Giovanni Stella
Walter L. Wentz
David Whitten
Cassie Williams
Christopher Wolf and James Beller
Lance Wolf and Pedro Nunez
Raymond M. and Sheri H. Wolfe
Gail and Jim Woolwine
Jane Yanulis

Anonymous (10)
Paul Appeldoorn
Thomas L. Baucom
Barbara Bear
Martin Bell
Sue Benson
Abraham and Judith Bernanke
Elizabeth Bierden
Susan Brett and Robert Shesser
Kevin Brickhouse
Carolyn Broussard
Arlene Brown and Gene Bialek
Harold R. Bucholtz
Wells Burgess and Jacqueline Lussier
Jennifer and Jeremy Buzzell
Richard Calder
Paul and Kathleen Casey
Carol A. Cataldo
Susan Chadick
Stephanie Cho
Walt Cooper
Matthew Crouch
Linda and Casey Cummings
Jeffrey Dale
David Daniels and Curt Brookshire
Wendy and Neil* Dellar
Ted Deming and Roz Ridgway
Evelyn DePalma
Donna Desilva
Patricia Dinndorf
Sharon Dubrow
Karen Dunlap
David Dunn
Keith Eby
Laurie Effron and Jack Goodman
Jerrold H. Epstein, D.D.S.
Carissa Faroughi
Liz Finos
Brenda Frank and Thomas Blackburn
Beth Fuchs
Cary C. Fuller
Carol and Larry Gage
David and Janna Gies
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gold
Jim and Luanne Grabski
Mary Granger
John Griffiths and Stacey McGraw
Gail Gulliksen
Robert N. Alfandre
Jeffrey and Adrianne Hamilton
Gil Harden
Chuck and Sandy Harris
Carolyn and Alden Hart
Oliver Ocean
Dale Hedding
Andrew and Diane Hendricks
A.M. Heydinger
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hilz
Carol and Bob Hopper
Sally E. Howe
John and Gail Howell
Judy and Charlie Hughes
Deborah Hunsberger
Harrell Rentz & Eric Hyman
Mathann Jackson
Jodi Janosko
Virginia Joslyn and Tony Root
Bob and Jean* Kapp
Kevin Kateluzos
John Keator
M. Eileen Kenna
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kerwin
Ralph Kidder
Barbara Kinney
Lynn Klar
Judy Thibault Klevins
William and Bette Kramer
Roger Kromer and Joe Moore
Eugene Lang Foundation
Stephen Leisge
John Lewin
Terry Luedtke and Jennifer Heiland-Luedtke
Alan McAdams
Madeleine McAlister
Richard McGinnis
Harriet McGuire
Patricia Metz and Bob Evans
Timothy Mikulski
Joetta Miller
Judith M. Miller
Judith Miller
Noelle Montano
Marilyn L. Muench
Ronald Natalie
Susan Merritt Nelsen
Khoa Nguyen
Howard O’Leary Jr and Lydia Andrea Hatfield
Daniel Onstad and Deborah Winters
Michael Paese
Sonja and Don Palomaki
John and Susan Parker
Ann and Terry Peel
Constance Potter
Thomas A. Pursley, III
Shelly and Barbara Repp
Linda and Alan Rinker
Jose Riojas
Lynda J. Robb
Marda Robillard and Patrick Tribe
Bishop Gene Robinson
Bob Rosen and Jay Fisette
Linda Rosenfeld and Fred Krosner
Jo Ann Ruckel
Cornelia Russell
Ivan Santos
William and Sylvia Sargent
Moira Saucedo
Peter and Marla Schnall
Louis Schwebius and Ji-Hae Park
Nancy Scully
Adele and James Sebben
Paul Shapiro and Margaret Blechman
Stephen Sharro and Alexandra Furr
Bruce Calvin and David Showers
Barb Skewes
Edward Slottow
Margo Smith and Gerry Levine
Troy Snuffer
Christine Stanley
Thomas and Kathalina Stein
Margaret and David Stewart
Lawrence Stone
Jean T. Strobel
Duward Sumner and James Dice
Patrick and Susan Tarr
Paula S. Thiede
Larry and Cathy Thompson
Steuart and Linda Thomsen
Matt and Emily Tracy
Ray and Barbara Vanderbilt
Susan and Jeff Vincent
Rosetta Virgilio
Thomas Vogt and Robert Laycock
Maria Voultsides
Chad Lash and Caryn Wagner
David Weisman and Jacqueline Mitchel
Serene and Mark Werblood
Kathie Whipple
Donna Wiedeman and J. Stephen MacInnes
Jack Wilbern
Michael Wilson Jr
Dudley and Jennifer Winthrop
Anita Woehler
John C. and Mary Elizabeth Wright
Harro and Janie Wulf  

*in memoriam