Signature Theatre Book Club Series

Signature Theatre Book Club Series

A literary club with a dramatic twist!

Signature Theatre and the Arlington Library have handpicked books that perfectly complement Signature’s shows. Give your book club an artistic lift (or come on your own!) to meet new friends for a lively discussion and Tony Award®-winning theater. Each meeting will begin with a book discussion led by a librarian from the Shirlington library, followed by a performance at Signature related to the book.

Next Meeting Thursday, January 25 at 6:30PM

Book My Guantanamo Diary: The Detainees and the Stories They Told Me by Mahvish Rukhsana Khan
Show 4,380 Nights by Annalisa Dias

Special Offer Get a ticket for the January 25th performance of 4,380 Nights and a drink for only $49! Then visit your closest Arlington Public Library branch and pick up My Guantanamo Diary.

The Book: My Guantanamo Diary: The Detainees and the Stories They Told Me by Mahvish Rukhsana Khan

Mahvish Khan is an American lawyer, born to immigrant Afghan parents in Michigan. Outraged that her country was illegally imprisoning people at Guantanamo, she volunteered to translate for the prisoners. She spoke their language, understood their customs, and brought them Starbucks chai, the closest available drink to the kind of tea they would drink at home. And they quickly befriended her, offering fatherly advice as well as a uniquely personal insight into their plight, and that of their families thousands of miles away. For Mahvish Khan the experience was a validation of her Afghan heritage—as well as her American freedoms, which allowed her to intervene at Guantanamo purely out of her sense that it was the right thing to do. Mahvish Khan’s story is a challenging, brave, and essential test of who she is —and who we are.

The Show: 4,380 Nights by Annalisa Dias

For the last 12 years, or 4,380 days, Malik Djamal Ahmad Essaid has been held without charge by the United States government at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. As he languishes in his cell, his interactions with those on the outside are juxtaposed with historical events in a riveting exposé into the most dangerous prison of all—fear.

With a graceful poetry and a fluidity that spans time and place, DC playwright Annalisa Dias delivers a searing and timely critique of power, humanity and what it means to be American.