2017/18 Volunteer Shift Sign Up

Welcome to the Signature Theatre 2017/2018 Volunteer Signup! Thank you for being a part of our amazing team. Below are the instructions for signing up online. Please read through them before proceeding. Take your time and allow the system to load each page. At the bottom of this page is a link to a paper form (be aware that online forms will process immediately, and paper forms will be processed as time permits). If you have questions, please feel free to email me at volunteer@sigtheatre.org. Thank you for being part of the best volunteer corps in all of DC, and I can’t wait to start next season!

1. Pick a number of subscriptions (volunteers). If you’re signing up more than two, send an email to Tom and let him know to expect a group. If you want separate reminder emails, you must sign up separately.
2. Choose your ARK performances.

  • ARK shows are not mandatory.
  • You MAY select up to one performance of each show.
  • If a selection is greyed out, it’s sold out and cannot be chosen.

3. You can also sign up to volunteer at this season’s Open House on August 6th.
4. Once you’ve added checked all the required shows, the bottom of the screen will say “You’re Done, Add these to your cart.” Click “Add to Cart.” Take a moment to check your selections, then click “Proceed to Cart.”
5. If you get message saying that your “performance is full,” click the back button on your browser. Your choices will be saved in the previous page.
6. Your cart will show all your selections and a $0.00 total. Make sure your dates are correct and then click “Checkout.”
7. You’ll be prompted to login. If you remember your login information from last season, enter it now. If you’re like Tom, you can select “forgot password” and get a new one.
8.* Click “Proceed to Payment.”* There isn’t really a payment, but once you click it, your order is complete and you’ll be taken to a page where you can print a confirmation of your order. You’ll also be automatically emailed a copy of your selected dates! Thanks for signing up online!

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