Signature in the Schools

Smile Lines
A Signature in the Schools Production
Written by Joe Calarco

March 13 at 7:30PM
March 18 at 11AM

All advance ticket reservations for Signature in the Schools: Smile Lines have been distributed. A stand-by line will form an hour before each performance for a limited amount of tickets to be given out 15 minutes before the show is scheduled to begin. You must be present in line to receive a stand-by ticket – one per person. Tickets are free.

In this innovative and visceral new production, Signature in the Schools sends you directly into the passion, violence, conviction and sacrifice of the Silent Sentinels protest at the White House in 1917. 100 years later, do we take those sacrifices and convictions for granted? Smile Lines stretches back from the protests of the National Women Party’s protests to the present-day fight for female voices everywhere.

Written by Director of New Works Joe Calarco, this world premiere features a cast and crew of Arlington County Public Schools students and award-winning actor Natascia Diaz.